Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Tippi Loves.. Louise Dahl-Wolfe!

I've often thought that if I hadn't have become a fashion designer I would have been a photographer- A fashion photographer. Photography is probably my favourite artistic medium. Well I do love looking at a good painting.. Anyhow I digress! Yes the following utterly stunning photographs are the work of the late great Louise Dahl- Wolfe. Born in San Francisco 1914, Louise was a staff photographer for Harpers Bazaar for most of her working life but freelanced for Vogue and Sports Illustrated towards the end of her career. She is most renowned for discovering a teenage Lauren Bacall whom she photographed for the cover of March 1943 Harpers Bazaar. She was also said to be a great influence on fellow photographers Irving Penn and Richard Avendon. Louise was one of the first and most important practitioners of fashion photography in colour. What I love the most about her work is her colour sensitivity, her arrangements of colours together and use of natural light. Her photographs have an almost painterly quality about them, which I suppose is not surprising as she did train as a painter before pursuing a career in photography. Her style  had such elegance and sophistication yet there is a kind of ease and informality to her models. Well I won't waffle on anymore.. I shall let the pictures do the talking. My words simply don't do enough justice..

Lauren Bacall

Louise Dahl-Wolfe..
Lookin fierce and rockin some leopard skin print!

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  1. Wow. Such beautiful photos. Love the colour saturation. Thanks Tippi, as ever your blogs are insightful and educational.