Friday, 28 January 2011

J'adore Dior..

Well i've been somewhat of a potty mouth or  to put it more accurately a potty worded typer on Facebook of recent days so, in an effort to redeem myself and restore my ladylike image ( assuming I have one that is..) I thought I would share with those of you who are not involved in the world of fashion something beautiful. I say fashion but that's not entirely true, something can't really be classed as fashion until people on the street are wearing it and you certainly won't see this being worn by your average Jo Fasionista, not even on Kingsland road.. This is Couture baby and it's very very exclusive. You can only afford it if you're very very rich or very very connected. Even Paris Hilton might have to cut back on the Coke and Crystal champers consumption if she wanted to buy a piece from this collection. I am neither rich nor connected, but that doesn't stop me from yearning for the day that I might be able to afford to buy me an item of Dior Couture, or just Dior ready to wear even!! 

The following photos are from the SS11 Dior Couture show, designed and created by the genius maverick and fabric magician that is John Galliano. JG has been at the helm of Dior for many years now and is fond of plunging the archives and often references couture's greatest eras the 40's and 50's. And yet he always manages to bring something new to the pattern cutting table and whilst the reference is obvious there's something very fresh and very now about this collection. This is real eye candy, so feast your eyes and tuck into on the following..

John maybe a genius at designing for the ladies
but his personal style is somewhat a work in progress
and evidently he is an XFactor fan. Here he is looking
like one half of Diva Fever...

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